Organisaatio: Think Africa ry
Hakemus lähetetty: 31.08.2023
Lyhyt kuvaus hankkeesta: In Finland, labor market integration is a big problem that hinders the national efforts of internationalisation and the filling of the 59,100 vacancies. Efforts have been done that tackle the issue from the employee perspective or the job seeker but, none are truly focusing on those already employed. This innovative pilot seeks to amplify the voices of international talents and companies that actively engage and support these talents. Through a series of insightful video-podcasts, the project will illuminate immigrants’ personal journeys within the labor market, share strategies for fostering inclusivity, and explore ways companies can cultivate diverse workplaces. The results include two impactful publications: one empowering working immigrants as diversity ambassadors in their organizations and the other guiding companies toward enhanced diversity, equity, and inclusivity. Project results will be available free of charge, thus contributing to broader societal advancement.

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