Organisaatio: Xes Helsinki
Hakemus lähetetty: 31.08.2023
Lyhyt kuvaus hankkeesta: Project Overview: The SkillHarbor pilot-project aims to empower immigrants with essential digital skills, made accessible through simplified AI (Artificial Intelligence) and Web3 technology integration. By offering user-friendly personalized learning, digital literacy, and AI-assisted job matching, the project seeks to bridge the digital gap and enhance employability within a user-friendly framework. Project Objectives: 1. Digital Literacy Empowerment. 2. User-Friendly AI-Driven Learning. 3. Web3-Enhanced Accessibility. 4. Personalized Learning Pathways. 5. Blockchain-Backed Credentials. 6. Inclusive Learning Community. 7. Measurable Skills Development. 8. Enhanced Employability. Lastly, 9. Sustainable Impact and Scalability.

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