Organisaatio: University of Vaasa (UVA)
Hakemus lähetetty: 30.08.2022
Lyhyt kuvaus hankkeesta: Based on organizations needs, this project is identified two research questions (RQs) such as: RQ 1: What are the current skills gaps in SMEs in the Vaasa region that needed to be identified to adopt a successful circular economy? RQ 2: What are the essential strategies to be adopted to fulfill the identified skill gaps to promote CE in SMEs in the Vaasa region? Based on the identified research questions, this project identified two study objectives to better plan the expected study. The expected outcomes from this project therefore can be stated as follows: • To identify necessary skills gaps as necessary to promote and adopt a circular economy strategy in local companies/organizations in the Vaasa region, Finland • To design and develop relevant courses and training workshops based on identified skills gaps to upskill and re-skill current and future workforce in the companies/organizations to adopt a a circular economy strategy in the Vaasa region, Finland.

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