Organisaatio: Think Africa ry
Hakemus lähetetty: 30.08.2023
Lyhyt kuvaus hankkeesta: Project will develop, launch and promote a digital database of vetted African diaspora professionals who can a) support the sustainable market entry of Finnish SMEs into African markets, b) collaborate as advisors on integration, inclusion, and culture. Finnish SMEs struggle to enter African markets largely due to limited resources in finding reliable local contacts and cultural understanding. Additionally, consultation on DEI is needed to foster a more equitable workplace. The database lists experts who provide services such as market research, connecting reliable contacts, translation, product/service advice, and DEI consultation. Through this, SMEs gain networks within African markets that can lead to partnerships and business growth. The diaspora’s unique perspectives, experiences, and cultural insights also provide guidance for addressing challenges related to diversity in workplaces. The project runs from Nov ‘23 to Dec ‘24. Thereafter the monetisation model will sustain itself.

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